Microsoft Office 365: Clutter

Clutter is designed to help you save time by being able to focus on those emails that are most important. Clutter does this by continuously learning your email habits and interests and moving lower priority emails from your Inbox to the Clutter folder. Unlike Junk Mail, which tends to be the same for all users, Clutter is highly personalized based on actions you perform in your Inbox.

When Clutter is first enabled, it will starting learning your email style and begin moving less important email to the Clutter folder. You can also train Clutter by moving emails from your Inbox to the Clutter folder or vice versa. If you have created rules to move certain types of emails to specific folders, Clutter will respect that and not take any action on those emails.

You can find more information about Clutter at

If after using Clutter for a while, you decide that you would rather not continue using it, you can disable it. You need to do this from Outlook Web Access. After logging in, click on the gear icon at the upper right and then click Options. Under Mail - Automatic processing - Clutter uncheck Separate items identified as clutter option and click Save.


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