Can I change my FAUNetID or email?


The original FAUNetID (username) is not subject to change. The only two exceptions are if an error was made in the spelling of your name that affected the FAUNet ID assigned to you or if you have legally changed your name.



Can I change my FAUNetID?


The original assigned FAUNet ID (username) cannot be changed for reasons of preference.

Individuals in the following situations are eligible to change their FAUNetID:

  • You have had a legal name change and your FAUNetID no longer reflects your legal name
    • Prerequisite: Your new name must already be on file with the university
    • Students, fill out and submit the Request_for_Change_of_Name to the Registrar's Office with supporting documents.
    • Faculty/Staff, bring an updated Social Security card to Human Resources at the Boca Raton campus. Their walk-in hours are Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. For more information, please visit
  • You are transitioning and your FAUNetID does not reflect your preferred name.
  • You are being stalked or harassed and have reported it to the FAU Police and/or your local police department.
  • Your FAUNetID spells something offensive in your home language.

If one of these criteria describes you, please continue reading for more information.

Changing your FAUNetID can result in a temporary loss of access to technology services.

In best case scenario:

  • You will experience some disruption in your technology access for lengths of time that vary by service
  • You may be required to engage multiple IT teams to restore your access to services
  • Due to the distributed landscape of technology at FAU, it is difficult to maintain a comprehensive list of impacts you may experience after changing your FAUNetID; the list on this page is a best effort. 

Disruption to Employee and Student Services

The following services may be impacted. (Please note that times are estimated and represent best case scenario where no technical failure occurs.)

  • Login to campus computers
  • Login to Library services
  • Office 365 and OneDrive
  • EMS Classroom & Events Scheduling
  • Enterprise business applications, including but not limited to:
    • AppWorx (Job Scheduling)
    • Banner (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Any service that is not centrally managed could stop working.

Examples include programs used to conduct business, research, or learning in your department or classes, departmental websites with manually controlled permissions, etc.

In the event of issues:

  • You will have to request help from the IT groups who support these services
  • You may not have access to these services for an indeterminate amount of time 
  • In some services, transaction histories or content logged under or attached to your old FAUNetID may not transfer to your new FAUNetID 

Disruption to Your Devices

All devices that connect to your FAUNetID account will have to be updated with your new username.

Employees are highly likely to need assistance from their departmental/local IT group:

  • Laptops and PCs may need to be plugged in to the FAU network via Ethernet cable to update correctly
  • If you use Microsoft Outlook to check your email, you may need to create a new Outlook profile
  • Local resources such as printers, shared drives, department home drives and more could be impacted

 Once you have updated your name, you can submit a request to change your FAUNetID here.



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