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Departments that would like to set restrictive permissions on documents shared with student workers or employees can use these settings to do so.
SPSS Installation Guides and License file
Campus licensed software available at no cost for active faculty, staff, and students.
Content embedded into Canvas requests re-authentication that may fail
You may receive a 'Single Sign-On - Stale Request error' when trying to access FAU resources. This is likely caused because your Browser or Operating system is preventing the use of third-party cookies.
How to clear your browser cache to help solve browser related problems such as login issues
Settings for the native email app and the Outlook app for iOS and Android
How to clear the Outlook Recipient Cache of old or bad addresses
When trying to open a file or folder, you are prompted with an error message stating the file cannot be reached from the server or the file couldn't be found.
Instructions on how to access Mathematica
Zoom offers the ability to provide live automatic speech recognition (ASR) transcripts in real time for meetings.
Minitab Installation Guides and License file
Occasionally, presentations uploaded via the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) display the "Uploaded" status but are not viewable from the Mediasite Portal and do not appear to have been uploaded.