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If your computer, prompts you to start encryption with BitLocker, please select the option to postpone.
This document provides basic instructions on installing the most recent version of Shibboleth's Service Provider (SP) software on a Windows Server using Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 (but can be used on IIS 7 and above) and configuring it for the FAU Identity Provider (IdP).
This document (1) Provides brief background information about federated identity management, InCommon, Shibboleth and attributes; (2) Describes the procedure for requesting that FAU release attributes to a Shibboleth Service Provider (SP) to permit access to FAU users; (3) Provides detailed information about the attributes available to SPs; and (4) Details the general procedure for reviewing and approving attribute release.
A recent driver update on the built-in cameras for Microsoft Surface Pros causes preview fails and prevents MDR from recording from the built-in cameras
Could not connect to mediasite desktop recorder service. The application will begin as soon as the service is responding
Some users are experiencing an issue when trying to start their Webex sessions through the Cisco Webex tool in their course(s).
If MDR is not working properly it may because it is not registered.
Occasionally, presentations uploaded via the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) display the "Uploaded" status but are not viewable from the Mediasite Portal and do not appear to have been uploaded.
MacOS Catalina does not support 32-bit applications and therefore is not compatible with the current version of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder.
Content embedded into Canvas requests re-authentication that may fail
Instructions on mapping an FAU network drive to a Mac.
OIT Help Desk Contact Info
Learn how to submit your grades to banner through our LMS, Canvas.
Cisco Voicemail - Setup instructions for new users
Use this Remote Desktop method if you are unable to connect to your office computer using the name of your computer. For Windows Computers.
This article explains how technicians can gain remote control access to your computer and assist you with any issues that you are experiencing. A ticket should first be submitted to and a technician will reach out to you to schedule the best time to assist.
Instructions on setting up multiple displays on Mac devices
This article will show you the basics in keeping your device up to date with the latest security, software, and feature patches. If you're experiencing slowness in your device then updating may solve this.