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ANDI/ANDISEC drives, VIP Access, Virtual Hosting, EMS, DPM, DNS, Talisma

Categories (4)

Request a new ANDI/ANDISEC drive, quota increase, backup/restore, report permissions issues, or report problems with your M: drive
Give/remove access to Talisma, Reporting email issues.
Report log in issues on an OIT hosted VM, Request OIT VM hosting, Request VM Resources
Request access or assistance to EMS. (Event Management System)

Services (4)

DNS Requests

Request to create or update DNS records.

Install DPM backup on user's computer

This is used to request System Server Admin push DPM out to a user's machine

Unlock Active Directory account

This is for IT staff who have identified a locked AD account

VIP Account Request

VIP Account Request - FAU employees only