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Florida Atlantic University Office of Information Technology will enable Verified Duo Push on July 10th, 2023. 

Duo Verified Push enhances the security of conventional MFA by requiring you to enter a code on your device to complete login. After July 10th, to approve a login, you will be presented with a code that needs to be entered in the DUO Mobile app. This added layer of security helps prevent potential phishing and other credential-stealing attacks and reduces the likelihood of accidental approval of malicious login attempts.

When you log in to a single-sign on enabled service, such as Canvas, MyFAU, or Outlook, your browser will display a DUO prompt containing a three digit code. 
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Open the DUO Mobile app on your Android or iOS device and enter the code displayed in your browser (not the code displayed above).

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Important:  If you are receiving the prompt but you are not logging in, click "I'm not logging in" below the "Verify" button. 

After you have entered the code, you will be asked if you Trust this browser?

If you are using a shared/public computer, we require that you select “No , do not trust this browser.” This will prevent others from taking over your session after you leave the computer/kiosk.

If you select "Yes, trust browser" you will not be prompted for DUO in this browser session for 24 hours. 

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IMPORTANT: OIT will be phasing out the phone call option for all users in Fall 2023. If phone call is your default way of accepting the DUO prompt, please make sure you change to another method (DUO app, text message, or key fob) as soon as possible. 
No Android or iOS device or not using the DUO app?

You will be able to keep using text messages, hardware token (key fob), and phone call (employees only) for now.

When you see the prompt, click "Other options"

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Select the option you would like to use for the verification. 

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