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Canvas, Mediasite Personal Recording, Lecture Capture, Zoom & Webex

Canvas, Mediasite Personal Recording, Lecture Capture, Zoom, and Webex Support for Instructors & Students


Request assistance with COVID training, submit Znumbers for employees requested to return

Accounts & Access

Accounts and access requests, such as password reset, multi-factor authentication (Duo), pin reset, locked/disabled accounts, VPN access, courtesy accounts, other account & access related requests.

Administrative Applications & Reporting

Workday, Banner, SSO, WebFocus, TouchNet, IEA, & Crystal Reports

Email & Collaboration

Office365 email & calendars, Owlmail/OwlApps, mailing lists (Sympa), SharePoint, Filelocker, and other email & collaboration related requests

Teaching & Learning

Canvas, MediaSite Personal Recording & Lecture Capture, Webex, Zoom, Computer Lab, eClassroom, Virtual Apps, FAU Print Services,

WiFi & Network

FAU wireless and wired internet connectivity related support and requests

Computer, Device, Software & Printer Support

Computer, device, tablet, software, Office 365, hardware, and printer support and requests

Phone Requests and Support & Cable TV Requests

Requests and Support for Phones, Smartphones, Tablets & Cable TV, Phone Billing

Audio Visual & Video Conferencing

Audio Visual & Video Conferencing Requests

Student Services

MyFAU, Self-Service, OwlDone- Student Onboarding, Starfish, WCONLINE, Transient, and Admissions Application Support

Research Computing/HPC

Request access, installation of hardware and software and report issues related HPC. For more information please visit


VPN Access, Disk Encryption, Firewall rules, and HIPAA training

Server, Storage, & Database

Storage, servers, virtual servers, data center hosting, managed server support, cloud computing, and database options. Assistance with ANDI/ANDISEC drives, VIP Access, Virtual Hosting, EMS, DPM, DNS, Talisma

Public Affairs

Requests related to Public Affairs: Video Production Support, Announcement, Photography, Web

College Services

Specialized services provided by individual colleges

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Nursing certificate courses tech issues

Report tech issues with College of Nursing certificate courses