My Recently Visited Services

Use this service if you are having issues with your phone, phonemail, or analog/fax line such as no dial tone or similar out of service issue.
Please do not use this for phonemail Xpressions password reset or name change requests.

Request assistance with a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone

Creative Services Work Order Requests

Request assistance with Webex/Zoom

All students who have attended or graduated FAU get to keep an active FAU Owl Apps email account.

Request a report, survey, or data file.

Report problems/issues with equipment or instructor workstation

Request help with a printer or scanner

Use this service to request assistance with Office 365 installation and activation problems.

Request a modification to an existing report

Request help or report an issue/error with Grade Submission in Canvas

I have a test using Respondus Lockdown Browser. Where do I download it? How do I use it? I got an error while take my exam. I got kicked/locked out of the exam.

Request to add or remove access to EMS (Event Management System).

Request increase quota for ANDI shared drives

Questions or issues regarding set up, removal, or use of delegations in Workday

Request Electronic Door Access to the following rooms:AD 102, AD 122, HA 109, HA 110, HA 111, HC 111, SR 278

Requests for procurement issues relating to requisitions and purchase orders

This is used by faculty/staff to request a new group/departmental SharePoint site

Make a request for previous Blackboard content or data

I’m having trouble setting up Turnitin in my course or my students have reported issues.

I tried starting Webex/Zoom and it won’t start and/or I’m getting an error.

Request a new mailing list.

Submit this request if you are experiencing an issue while trying to access the COVID training or Attestation.

Request seat reservations to be enabled for courses in Canvas