My Recently Visited Services

Request activation on disabled/turned off ports on an existing jack plate

Use this service to request a new SmartTag or report any issues.

Make a request for previous Blackboard content or data

Use this option if you are receving an error message saying your account is locked/suspended.

Vendor contact information and instructions on how to access Workday Punchout

Update Echo360 links to Mediasite links in Canvas

Information about FAU's email services for faculty, staff, and students.

I tried to submit my paper and it wouldn’t go through or I got an error.

I’m having trouble setting up Turnitin in my course or my students have reported issues.

Submit a request for assistance with Multi-factor authentication- Enrolling in MFA, registering a device, re-syncing a token, activating a new phone, etc

Request an announcement for the FAU Insider and/or MYFAU.

Access Issues/Role Assignment Requests

Learn how to reach Canvas support or request additional help from Instructional Technologies staff.

Can't connect? Request live help configuring your device to the FAU wireless network.

I have a test using Respondus Lockdown Browser. Where do I download it? How do I use it? I got an error while take my exam. I got kicked/locked out of the exam.

Request assistance with a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone

New Construction Project Request

Report a blocked website when using the BHRIC

Use this service to request assistance with Office 365 installation and activation problems.

This is used to request access or training for My Mediasite

Request software to be installed in an instructional/open computer lab or eClassroom

Having trouble with the video conference meeting or equipment?