My Recently Visited Services

Information on how to access Virtual Apps

Request and/or change firewall rules.

Use this when you need to change your Google Classroom status from student to teacher

Assistance with Academic Affiliates.

Request support for issues with Simple Syllabus including help editing and publishing your syllabi.

Report tech issues with College of Nursing certificate courses

If you are having trouble logging in to any of FAU's services, such as Canvas, MyFAU, or Workday, and want to reset your FAUNet ID password

Use this option if you are receving an error message saying your account is locked/suspended.

Use this service to request assistance with Office 365 installation and activation problems.

Request or renew access to research computing.

Request Electronic Door Access to the following rooms:AD 102, AD 122, HA 109, HA 110, HA 111, HC 111, SR 278

Request your website to be converted to a newer template.

Update Echo360 links to Mediasite links in Canvas

Report issues with Office 365 email.

Access Issues/Role Assignment Requests

Request changes or new functionality to the university mobile app or portal.

Assistance with Lecture Capture.

Request assistance with EMS (Event Management System).

Submit a request for assistance with Multi-factor authentication- Enrolling in MFA, registering a device, re-syncing a token, activating a new phone, etc

My course is being taught in Canvas and I need help!
Use this request for all issues relating to your Canvas course