My Recently Visited Services

Request to add or remove access to EMS (Event Management System).

Request website editing training for your college/department website

Request help or report an issue/error with Grade Submission in Canvas

This request is only for active employees. Employment status is verified before providing the Key Fob.

Access/Support with Amazon Web Services

Request assistance with Webex/Zoom

Request access to edit CMS pages.

Request a report, survey, or data file.

Use this service to request assistance with Office 365 installation and activation problems.

Request activation on disabled/turned off ports on an existing jack plate

Submit a ticket for assistance with Dashboards

This is used to request OwlApps training

Request software to be installed in an instructional/open computer lab or eClassroom

Request assistance to install Oracle client on your FAU computer

Make a request for previous Blackboard content or data

Request an Announcement for FAU Broward Campuses

This is used by faculty/staff to request a new group/departmental SharePoint site

Request a modification to an existing report

Submit to hardware vendor for repair/replacement of part

Use this service to request to OPT Out from having an athletic observer in your course in Canvas