Assistance with Canvas for instructors

Services (12)

Canvas Seating Reservation System

Request seat reservations to be enabled for courses in Canvas

Request Technical Moderation for Zoom/WebEx

Request Technical Moderation for Zoom/WebEx

Webex & Zoom

Request assistance with Webex/Zoom

Canvas Help

Learn how to reach Canvas support or request additional help from Instructional Technologies staff.

Grade Submission in Canvas

Request help or report an issue/error with Grade Submission in Canvas

Add Student with incomplete

Use this service to request a student be added to your course to complete an incomplete. Each request will be verified with the Registrar’s office.

Request Cross-Listed Course

Request Cross-Listed Course

Turnitin Help

I’m having trouble setting up Turnitin in my course or my students have reported issues.

Training & Personal Appointment Request

Request a personalized one on one or group appointment

Student Athlete Observer – OPT OUT

Use this service to request to OPT Out from having an athletic observer in your course in Canvas

Organization Request

Request a new organization to be created in the Learning Management System or request the creation of non-FAU users.

Blackboard Content or Data Request

Make a request for previous Blackboard content or data