Assistance with Canvas for instructors

Services (10)


Request assistance with WebEx.

Canvas Help

Learn how to reach Canvas support or request additional help from Instructional Technologies staff.

Grade Submission in Canvas

Request help or report an issue/error with Grade Submission in Canvas

Add Student with incomplete

Use this service to request a student be added to your course to complete an incomplete. Each request will be verified with the Registrar’s office.

Request Cross-Listed Course

Request Cross-Listed Course

Turnitin Help

I’m having trouble setting up Turnitin in my course or my students have reported issues.

Training & Personal Appointment Request

Request a personalized one on one or group appointment

Student Athlete Observer – OPT OUT

Use this service to request to OPT Out from having an athletic observer in your course in Canvas

Organization Request

Request a new organization to be created in the Learning Management System or request the creation of non-FAU users.

Blackboard Content or Data Request

Make a request for previous Blackboard content or data