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Helpful FAQs before submitting a ticket for assistance:


Q: I got a “Something went wrong” error when logging in to OwlDone 

A: OwlDone is currently only available to newly admitted incoming freshmen. Please open up a helpdesk request if you are a freshman and do not have access.


Q: Why do I see so many gray modules?

A: Most modules will be unavailable until your admissions deposit is paid. Some modules will not open until a specific date which should be displayed. Other modules may will only become available when you complete a previous module task and click Continue.


Q:  I just paid my deposit but the modules are not showing

A:  Please refresh your screen. If the issue persist please open a helpdesk request.


Q:  Can I skip ahead to another module?

A:  You can visit any module available in blue. The modules are currently ordered in the best possible way to get you ready for your first day at FAU but you are welcome to skip ahead to any open module. You can also always revisit any previous module.


Q:  I need help with ALEKS

A:  Click here for assistance with ALEKS.

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