Duo - Adding Additional Authentication Devices

Follow the steps outlined below to add an additional device for Duo authentication.


1. Click "Add a new device"


2. You will be required to Authenticate using a device that is already registered with Duo on the account:


3. Next you will choose the type of device you wish to add:


4. Adding phone number: (phone devices only)

  • Enter phone number for cell phone device you wish to add.
  • Check the box to confirm correct phone number.
  • Click "Continue"


5. Choose type of Phone Device: (phone devices only)

  • Choose type of Tablet Device: (tablet devices only)


6. Download DUO Mobile:

  • iPhone and iPad/iPod
  • Click "I have Duo Mobile Installed"

  • Android phone/tablet
  • Click "I have Duo Mobile Installed"

  • Windows
  • Click "I have Duo Mobile Installed"



7. Scan the QR Code:

  • Open Duo Mobile
  • Tap the "+" button
  • Scan the QR Code


  • Click "Continue"


Registration Complete!​​​​​​​

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