Reactivating Duo Mobile

If you want to reactivate DUO on a new phone that has the same number as the old phone, follow the steps below. You will need to have one verification option available to you during this process (push, text, key fob, or DUO passcode). If you do not have access to another method, please call the Help Desk at (561) 297 3999 for further assistance. 

Login to any SSO-enabled service (Workday, Canvas, MyFAU, etc.). Click the Other options link on the DUO authentication prompt to view your list of available methods. Click on Manage devices at the end of the list to enter the device management portal.

To access the device management you'll first need to verify your identity, just as you do when logging in to a service or application protected by DUO. Click on an available option to verify your identity. If you're visiting device management to delete or update a device you don't have anymore (such as a phone you lost or replaced), be sure to pick a verification option that you still have with you. If you don't have any devices you can use to authenticate to device management, please contact the help desk at (561) 297 3999.

After approving a Duo authentication request, you can see all your registered devices in the device management portal. To reactivate DUO on a new phone using the same phone number, select "I have a new phone.". If you are adding a new device, select "Add a device" and follow the prompts. 

If you have the same number as before, click Get started in the prompt and follow the steps. If you have a new number, close the prompt and select "Add a device" instead. 

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