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Two-factor and multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security to your FAUNet ID. Using Duo enables you to set up a second factor (phone, key fob, or other mobile device) with your account to prevent anyone but you from logging in, even if they happen to know your password. Two-factor has been implemented to better protect University data and to ensure compliance with State of Florida access control polices.

It is required for all employees to sign up for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to protect sensitive data in Workday and Banner Self-Service. It is also mandatory for all students to enroll in order to access the Banner Self- Service portal.

Enrollment and Instructions

To begin the enrollment process with Duo:

Visit Here

If you need assistance, click here for step-by-step enrollment instructions or click here to submit a ticket

Ways to Authenticate a Log in

Options available for employees and students: 

  • "Send Me a Push" - using DUO mobile app on your smartphone, the system pushes a login request to your phone or tablet. This is the preferred method for using two-factor authentication. The app is available to iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. 
    The app offers the Duo push and passcode functionalities and the app can be used with or without data/WiFi (use passcode option when no data/WiFi is available). 
  • "Enter a Passcode" - the system can generate a passcode generated by DUO Mobile app (preferred), SMS (less preferred), or key FOB. We recommend using the SMS option as a backup method in the event the app is not working properly. 

Option available for employees only: 

  • "Call Me" - the system will intiate a call using the phone number on file. This is the least preferred option and is only recommended as a backup to the DUO mobile app and SMS. 
  • If neither the app, text message, nor a phone call is practical, a key FOB can be issued that provides a unique code at each login. To request a key fob, fill out the MFA_KeyFob form and submit a request with the form attached. 

Types of Devices Used

The following devices can be enrolled with Duo: 

  • Android (using the Duo app from the Google Play Store)
  • iPhone or iPad (using the Duo app from the Apple App Store)
  • Key FOB* (using a number key)
    • Employees can request from OIT with the link below
    • Students who qualify can request from the Office of Financial Aid, or can purchase from the bookstore. 
  • Other Cell Phones (using a text message or phone call)
  • Land Lines (using a phone call)
    • This option only available for Employees.

*FOR EMPLOYEES: If you do not have access to a smartphone, we recommend that you request a hardware key fob (FOB) by submitting a ticket here 

Keep in mind that you will need your registered device near you at any time you would wish to log in to self-service, workday, VPN, or any other service that provides sensitive information. 

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