Assistance with Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO)

The Office of Information Technology strongly encourages all employees, including student employees, to better protect their personal information by signing up for two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication provides a second layer of authentication beyond passwords that limits the ability of an outside party to gain access to your account and information. Many of you have used two-factor authentication with other accounts at financial institutions where they send you a text or email at the time of login with a code that must be entered in addition to your password. FAU employees with significant access are already required to use two-factor authentication. 

FAU has selected a two-factor authentication system called Duo. Duo is very simple to use and has several options available to provide the two-factor authentication:

  • An app for your Smartphone (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile). The app offers the Duo push or passcode functionalities. This is the easiest and preferred method. The app can also be used as a key fob if no data service (cell or WiFi) is available. 
  • The system can send you a text message with a code to one or more predefined phone number(s) (less preferred, but this can be a backup method if the smartphone is not available).
  • The system can call you to confirm your authentication attempt using one or more predefined phone number(s) (less preferred, but can be a backup method if the smartphone is not available).
  • If neither the app, text message, nor a phone call is practical, a key FOB can be issued that provides a unique code at each login. To request a key fob, fill out the MFA_KeyFob form and submit a request with the form attached. 

To sign-up for two-factor authentication 

  1. Login with your FAUNetID and password:
    1. Employees visit 
    2. Students visit .
  2. Select the services you want to protect from the options on the screen.(Either Only required or All)

Enroll your device by clicking enroll/update devices at signup or at the login screen of any service that requires two-factor.

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