Accounts & Access

Accounts and access requests, such as password reset, multi-factor authentication (Duo), pin reset, locked/disabled accounts, VPN access, courtesy accounts, other account & access related requests.

Categories (5)

Can't log in or my account is locked or disabled?

Password resets & unlocking disabled or suspended accounts

Account Requests & Updates

Request a change in an FAUNet ID, a courtesy account or your FAU alumni Owl Mail account.

Shared Network Drive, Systems & Special Network Access

Request access to a shared network drive and/or special access (Andisec, database, HPC, etc.)

Departmental Account

This is used to request a new departmental email or give/remove access to an existing department email.

VPN Access (Off-Campus Access)

VPN Access (Off-Campus Access)

Services (4)

Assistance with Multi-Factor Authentication (DUO)

Submit a request for assistance with Multi-factor authentication, or to request a Key Fob.

Can't log into a campus computer?

Having trouble logging into an FAU owned computer?

Self-Service PIN Reset

Request to have your PIN reset in order to access FAU Self-Service.