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Accounts & Access

Accounts and access requests, such as password reset, multi-factor authentication (Duo), pin reset, locked/disabled accounts, VPN access, courtesy accounts, other account & access related requests.

Administrative Applications & Reporting

Workday, Banner, WebFocus, TouchNet, IEA, & Crystal Reports

Email & Collaboration

Office365 email & calendars, Owlmail/OwlApps, mailing lists (Sympa), SharePoint, Filelocker, and other email & collaboration related requests

Teaching & Learning

Canvas, MediaSite Personal Recording & Lecture Capture, Computer Lab, eClassroom, Virtual Apps, FAU Print Services,

WiFi & Network

FAU wireless and wired internet connectivity related support and requests

Computer, Device, Software & Printer Support

Computer, device, tablet, software, Office 365, hardware, and printer support and requests

Phone Requests and Support & Cable TV Requests

Requests and Support for Phones, Smartphones, Tablets & Cable TV, Phone Billing

Audio Visual & Video Conferencing

Audio Visual & Video Conferencing Requests Including WebEx

Student Services

OwlDone- Student Onboarding, Starfish, TutorTrac, Transient, and Admissions Application Support

Research Computing/HPC

Request access, installation of hardware and software and report issues related HPC. For more information please visit


VPN Access, Disk Encryption, Firewall rules, and HIPAA training

Server, Storage, & Database

Storage, servers, virtual servers, data center hosting, managed server support, and database options. Assistance with ANDI/ANDISEC drives, VIP Access, Virtual Hosting, EMS, DPM, DNS, Talisma

Web Services

Web editing (CMS) support

Additional Services

Video Production Support, Print requests for Broward campus

Services (1)

Annual Certification Changes - ONLY

Annual Certification Changes requests