Research Computing/HPC

Request access, installation of hardware and software, and report issues related to Research Computing.
High Performance Computing (HPC) at Florida Atlantic University provides students, faculty, and researchers computing resources.

An HPC Cluster is a set of computers that work together in parallel to perform tasks similar to a supercomputer but for the fraction of the price. An HPC cluster is made up of nodes connected by a high-speed network/interconnect that allows users to perform intense computing tasks. FAU currently runs several HPC’s that allow faculty and students in investigate numerous different problem sets.

FAU’s HPC cluster is located on the Jupiter MacArthur campus.

All Students and FAU faculty/researchers can request access to the HPC resources.

Categories (4)

Research Software

Users may find information about research software such as Matlab, Ansys, SPSS, R, and other applications.

Research Cloud Services

Support is available with services such as Private Cloud SUSE Harvester HCL, Private Cloud SUSE RKE2, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP, and Microsoft Azure.

Biomedical Informatics and Health Research

The Biomedical Health Research Informatics Core (BHRIC) is an isolated and independently secured infrastructure managed by the Office of Information Technology...

Research Infrastructure, Servers and Storage

Colocation, Archival Storage, Data Center Services, Virtual Machines

Services (3)

Research Computing Consultation

We offer face-to-face support and advice from a team of experts about research computing, data management, and scientific workflows. From writing grant proposals to standing-up computing environments, the OIT Research Computing team brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in both the technical and academic fields. We will sit down with you in a dedicated, one-on-one consultation to understand your needs and goals and support your research from start to finish.

Research Computing User Account

Request or renew access to research computing.

Research Computing Outages

Report a problem with Research Computing Services, including OnDemand, clusters, virtual machines, and data centers.