The Biomedical Health Research Informatics Core (BHRIC) is an isolated and independently secured infrastructure managed by the Office of Information Technology...

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Blocked Website while using the BHRIC

Report that a required website or service is blocked on a desktop that is part of the Biomedical Health Research Informatics Core (BHRIC)

General BHRIC Requests

If you need any generic assistance with Biomedical Health Research Information Core please submit a ticket so we can assist.

REDCap Request

Online surveys, powered by REDCap, help you build, distribute and analyze surveys quickly and securely. This tool can be used for everything from simple evaluations or satisfaction surveys to complex clinical research and trials. REDCap includes libraries of questions to get you started, and you can customize the look and feel of any survey. Survey results can be exported quickly in a number of formats, and the software makes it easy to collaborate with others.