How do I submit my midterm and/or final grades?

If you experience any issues or have questions about the grade submission process, please submit a ticket. 

Grades can be submitted from Canvas directly to Banner (FAU's Student Information System) using FAU’s Banner Grade Submission tool. Grades may be submitted, changed, and resubmitted through this tool during the submission period determined by the Registrar. Grades roll to Banner every night approximately at 10:00 PM. Any grade changes after the nightly roll must be made by clicking the Grade Change Request link.

Downloadable Instructions 


Grades Submission Instructions:

  1. Log into Canvas ( using your FAU netID and password.
  2. Use the Dashboard or the All Courses link to access the course you wish to submit grades for.
  3. Click on Grade Submission from the course menu. (If you do not see the Grade Submission link, click here.)
  4. Click on the blue “Authorize” button.
  5. Wait for students to be loaded (if you have a large course, this may take a minute or two).
  6. If you recently used the Grades Submission tool to save or submit grades in your course, you will see links for viewing your Saved Grades or Grading Receipt(s).
  7. After students have loaded, specify your grading options:
      • A. Select Midterm grading if submitting midterm grades or Final grading if submitting final grades. (Please note: Registrar deadlines still apply)
      • B. Choose either Manual Entry or Gradebook to select your grading method.
        1. Manual Entry – allows you to select each student’s grade individually (if selected, click next and skip to step 9).
        2. Gradebook – imports grades from a column in your course’s gradebook which is specified using the dropdown menu below. Your grading scale will be specified on the next page.
          1. Grade Submission does not factor hidden grades when importing the Total column of your gradebook. If you see the visibility icon (eye with a slash) at the top of a gradebook column, it is hidden and will not be factored into the total. Click here to learn how to Post and Hide Grades in Canvas.
      • C. Select how Grade Submission should handle missing grades from the Grade Book.
      1. Treat missing grades as zero means that all non-graded assignments will be counted as a zero and the total column WILL include that column in points possible.
      2. Do not count missing grades will IGNORE all non-graded assignments and the students will not have those assignments counted against their total score.
        • This option is only enabled when Gradebook is selected.
  8. Click Next.
  9. View your grading scale and adjust it if necessary. If you specified one in your course settings, it will be applied here. Otherwise, the default grading scale will be used.
    • A. Click in the text box to change the numeric value of each letter grade.
    • B. To remove a letter grade, uncheck the corresponding box.
    • C. If you have adjusted the grading scale and want to revert back to the original, click on Reset Transform.
  10. Click on Next.
  11. On the Midterm/Final Grading page, you can adjust the grade to be submitted by using the drop down menu
    • A. To modify a grade, use the drop down menu.
    • B. When you select a grade from the dropdown menu, the row will be highlighted in blue.
    • C. If you see “No Grade in Canvas,” you must manually select a grade to be submitted for these students.
    • D. Grayed out rows indicate that the student has withdrawn or is not officially registered for the course.
  12. F and I grades during FINAL GRADE SUBMISSION: When a student has an F or I grade during final grade submission, you must complete the additional information box. This does not apply for midterm grade submission.
  13. After you have confirmed all grades, click SUBMIT TO BANNER to send the grades to Banner.
    • A. Save: Clicking on Save will save your progress but will NOT submit your grades to Banner. This only allows you to come back at a later time and continue to make edits.
    • B. Reset: Resetting your grade page will remove all prior work and will allow you to start over. To do this, you must type “Yes” and then click the Reset button to proceed.
    • C. Partial Grade Submission: If you submit grades prior to all rows having a grade selected, only those with a grade will be sent to Banner.
    • D. To continue working on saved grades OR grades you chose not to submit, click on the Modify Grades button.
  14. You will be prompted to confirm the number of grades you are submitting. Click OK to continue.
  15. Wait a moment for grades to be submitted (this can take a minute or two if you have a large course).
  16. On the next page, you will see your Banner receipt page. This is the confirmation that your grades were sent to Banner. You should also receive an email with the grade submission.
  17. If an error occurs, a student’s row will be highlighted in red and there will be a message under the Response Code column for that student. To troubleshoot the error, please refer to the table below
Code Meaning Action to Take
Success (0), (9) Grades were successfully sent to Banner None
An unexpected error has occurred. Please report this to the Help Desk (2) Grade was NOT sent to Banner for this student. t. Contact and submit a ticket.
Instructor is not assigned to section (4) Only instructor of record can submit grade for student. No grade was submitted. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact your department or the Registrar’s Office.
Grades could not be updated (10) Student has withdrawn from the course, no grade submitted. None
Registration Level is not gradable (UG,GR) (12) Grade was NOT sent to Banner for this student. None
Registration Status is Not Gradable (13) Student is not registered for the course in Banner and grade has not been submitted. None
Grade already rolled to history (15), (27) Grade is already in Banner. None OR click on the link to complete the change grade form.
The specified course is not gradable (22) No grades were submitted to Banner. None. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact the Registrar’s Office.
Student is not enrolled in this section (23) Student is not registered for the course in Banner and grade has not been submitted. None
Current user is not recorded as the instructor of record (25 Grade was NOT sent to Banner for this student. Instructor of record must submit grades.
Critical Error! Please Contact Support. An unknown error has occurred. Click on Modify Grades and resubmit grades. If issue persists, contact


If you experience any issues or have questions about the grade submission process, please submit a ticket. 

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