How to Connect to fauwpa2 WiFi on Windows 10

This secure network, “fauwpa2”, allows faculty and staff to access Banner via wireless devices

*Please note* If you have already tried to connect to FAUWPA2 and were unsuccessful, you will need to remove the wireless profile before you follow the steps below. To remove the wireless profile, right click FAUWPA2 in the list of available wireless networks, and select ‘Forget.’

1. Click on the icon that represents your wireless network on the bottom right of your screen, just left of the time/date.

2. Select fauwpa2 from the list of available wireless networks and click connect. (check the ‘Connect automatically box’ if you would like to automatically connect in the future)


3. If you are prompted with a ‘Continue connecting?’ message, click continue.

4. When prompted, insert your credentials; for your username, place fau\ before your FAU NetID.

5. You are now connected to fauwpa2. If you have an issue, try forgetting the network and attempt to connect again. If issues persist, please call the help desk at 561-297-3999.


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