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Rclone is an open source command line program to sync files and directories to and from local storage to cloud based storage, such as Google Workspace. Rclone is installed on FAU Research Computing Services and available via module load module load rclone-1.59.1-gcc-9.4.0-k53kthf (this may change on different hardware so use module load avail to search). Click here to read more.
Users who have subscribed to the Workstation as a Service solution may access their machines through the Bastion Hosts or Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway.
All Florida Atlantic University faculty, researchers, employees, and students may request access to the research computing resources using the following complimentary and paid research computing resources.
The Office of Information Technology Research Computing Team offers several Workstations as a Service Offerings.
A brief summary of using .gitlab-ci.yml to deploy and store containers in the gitlab system.