Jabber Installation Guide - iOS

Step 1: Download and Install

  1. Go to the “app store” and search for “Cisco Jabber.”
  2. Install “Cisco Jabber” under the Business Category. See image for reference.

Step 2: Service Discovery

  1. Once the download is complete open Jabber.
  1. Enter the username provided by FAU OIT followed by @fau.edu. 
    Example Remote_Telecom1@fau.edu (Please note that @fau.edu is required for this step.).
  2. Click “Continue.”

Step 3: User Authentication

  1. Next you will be presented with a new “User Authentication” login page.
  2. Please enter the username and password given to you by IT.
    For Example, Remote_Telecom1. Important: Make sure to enter ONLY the username. @fau.edu is NOT required

Step 4: Get Started

a. Once signed in, Jabber will show you all contacts from your cell phone. If you have Face or Touch ID enabled, Jabber will ask if you would like to skip the username/password stage by enabling Touch or Face ID.

Step 5: Common Settings

  1. You are now signed into Jabber! The picture below highlights some common menus you will use for Jabber.

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