Cisco Voicemail New User Setup

To set up your voicemail for the first time:

Press the message button.  (This is the one with the white square and the upside down glasses, or looks like a cassette tape).
Enter the default temporary PIN # 147369
Follow the prompts to setup your name, voicemail greeting and personalized PIN.
Choose a 6-digit PIN that is easy to remember.
Do Not Use repeating digits like 111111 or sequential numbers  (e.g. 12345678 or any part of your phone number.)

To retrieve your voicemail from your desk phone or another phone on-campus:

Press the voicemail button or dial 76177.
When prompted, enter your six-digit voicemail PIN and press #.
*Note: Cisco phones do not require you to enter your 5-digit extension.

To retrieve your voicemail from off-campus:

Dial your 11 digit cisco phone number (1 + area code + xxx-xxxx).
When voicemail starts hit *
The system will ask you for your ID – enter your 11 digit phone number (ex: 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX), then press #
The system will ask you for your PIN - enter your six-digit pin, then press #

To access your mailbox press 2

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