OneDrive Sync Feature

If your computer has the OneDrive Sync feature enabled, you must first sign into your FAU OneDrive account. You can learn how to sign into your OneDrive account, using the instructions listed here.

The OneDrive Sync feature syncs data from specific folders on the computer to your FAU OneDrive account. 

Which folders sync from your computer?

  • Files not in a folder
  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • My Data Sources
  • Notebooks
  • Pictures

If you have data that you do not want to sync with your OneDrive account, move the data to any folders that are not enabled to sync with OneDrive. We suggest using your Downloads folder to place any data that you would not like to be synced with OneDrive. 

Your OneDrive account holds up to 1,000 GB of storage. 

If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues with the OneDrive Sync feature, please submit a ticket here and we would be happy to assist you. 


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