Backups and Archives

The following schedule defines the backup routines for the different services offered by the Office of Information Technology Research Computing Team. Researchers should know that the BHRIC resources follow a standard backup schedule but that backups are best effort for the General Purpose Computing Infrastructure. We highly recommend that all Researchers investigate using Microsoft One Drive and Microsoft Teams to archive their data. 

Archive Solutions:

Microsoft One Drive: 5TB max file size ~250GB

Microsoft Teams: 25TB per Team max file size ~250GB

General Purpose Compute

Due to limited resources, general-purpose computing has a very selective and limited backup focus, our goal is to prevent the loss of research results through the inadvertent deletion of data by end users and administrators. With this in mind, we keep a weekly copy of most data on the cluster unless the Research has a specific service agreement for backups. Researchers are highly encouraged to archive all code, and submission scripts, to Microsoft One Drive or Microsoft Teams.


  • Weekly Backups, weekly retention until next backup, best effort, Home Directories, Group Directories


  • Weekly backups, weekly retention until next backup, best effort

Biomedical Research Informatics Core (BHRIC): 

  • Daily backups, monthly retention
  • Monthly backups, yearly retention
  • Yearly backups, 7-year best effort retention



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