Research Computing Storage

The Research Computing team is working on adjustments to accommodate a new storage and scratch file system.

Athene Cluster (Enterprise Linux 8): 

The Athene cluster is our beta testing cluster, it will eventually become KoKo. Currently, Athene may be accessed through ssh netid@athene-login/ and is running Rocky Linux using our newest DellEMC PowerScale storage deployment. Mounts are as follows and are rather fast. 

Directory Location Quota Backup File System
Home /mnt/onefs/home/{netid} 10 GB Daily (retained for a month)
Monthly (retained for a year)
PowerScale OneFS


300 GB None!!! PowerScale OneFS
  Note: The Scratch file system is not a permanent storage system and is not backed up!
Files older than 90 days (modified or created whichever is less) will be deleted without warning.
There are no exceptions. 
Groups /mnt/onefs/groups/{GROUPNAME} PER Service and Billing Agreement Daily (retained for a month)
Monthly (retained for a year)
PowerScale OneFS or BeeGfs
Archive /mnt/archive/home/{netid} 300G Weekly retained a week BeeGfs

Koko Cluster (Enterprise Linux 7):
Most Research Computing Cluster resources mount storage to /mnt/beegfs, and users are provided a 300GB quota by default. The cluster will email you daily if you are over quota so make sure to stay under to avoid unexpected emails and warnings about cost overruns. 

File Systems Offer By Research Computing

HOME: Mounted for most users at /mnt/beegfs/home/{YOURNETID}

A home directory is the directory or folder commonly given to a user on a network or Unix or Linux variant operating system. With the home directory, the user can store all their personal information, files, login scripts, and user information. 

  • Quota 300GB (until next generation cluster is released), 1,000,000 files
  • Backed up best effort

Legacy SCRATCH: Mounted for most users at /mnt/beegfs/scratch/{YOURNETID}

What is a scratch folder? Your ~/scratch folder is a space for temporary files, even large ones, and is ideal for jobs that do a lot of file accesses (reading, writing, etc.) and/or consume a lot of disk space.

  • Quota this is merged with your home directory quota.
  • No Backups


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