Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series - Quick Start Guide

Below are some of the most common settings and setup instructions. Please review the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series - Quick Start Guide (PDF located on the right-hand side) for more common features for the 8800 series. 

Voicemail Settings:

Setup Voicemail for the first time: 

1. Press the Voicemail button  

2. Enter the default temporary PIN: 147369
3. Follow the prompts to setup your name, voicemail greeting, and personalized PIN #


Voicemail Pin
  1. Your voicemail PIN must meet the following requirements
  2. Must be at least four digits long. Numbers only!
  3. Not match the numeric representation of your first or last name.
  4. Must not contain your extension number
  5. Must not contain single or group of repeated digits
  6. (for example, 228883,121212, or 408408).
  7. Must not be a numerical sequence (for example, 012345 or 987654).
  8. Must not contain numbers that are dialed in a straight line on the keypad


Change Your Personal Greeting:

  1. Do one of these actions:
    1. Desk phones - Press Messages
    2. Conference phone - Press Messages
  2. Enter your PIN
  3. Press 4 to access Setup options
  4. Press 1 to listen to your current greeting
  5. Press 2 to record a new greeting, and press # when you finish recording.
  6. If you are happy with your new greeting, press 1 to save it, and press * twice to exit
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