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Sample Announcement Messages

For ease of use, here are some sample messages you can adapt and use to communicate with your students via Canvas Announcements.

2nd Week of Class Announcement

Subject: Class Emergency Procedures and Assignment

Hi Class,

Fall can be an active time for hurricanes, and some can close campus for an extended period of time. Similarly, Spring and Summer can present tornadoes and other severe storms that may impact us. I want our class to be ready if a hurricane or other emergency event creates significant disruption to our course. The course site contains an Emergency Module to ensure we can communicate after an emergency, understand the impact of an emergency event on you, and address how we go forward after the event has passed.

Please complete the Pre-Emergency Survey by [date]. The survey is now available in the Emergency Module and will provide me with contact information so I can communicate important information and instructions to you following an emergency.

Pre-Emergency Announcement

Subject: Emergency Campus Closure

Hi Class,

Our FAU campus is closing due to [emergency event]. Please check the FAU Status Page and FAU Emergency Management for more information, and subscribe to FAU Alerts, if you are not already subscribed.  Refer to the emergency resources by clicking on the Emergency Resource Button on the left blue menu to help you prepare for [emergency event]. 

Stay safe! Once the emergency has passed I will reach out again to let you know when the Post-Emergency Check-In Survey is available.

Initial Post-Emergency Announcement

Subject: Mandatory Check-In Survey & Optional Discussion Board Available

I hope you're all safe and doing well in the wake of the recent emergency! In order to get an idea of how you're all doing, I have published a Post-Emergency Check-In Survey. You can access it from the  Emergency Module on our course module page. Please submit this survey as soon as possible. Though it is an ungraded item, completing this survey is crucial because it helps me to assess how you have been impacted by this emergency, and the extent that this emergency may continue to impact this course going forward.

The Post-Emergency Discussion Prompt is also now available in the Emergency Module. I know this has been a stressful time, and wanted to offer some space for us all to process this experience together. Please feel free to contribute to this optional discussion.

Do not worry about graded assignments and exams right now. I will be adjusting the due dates of [insert assignment titles & exam titles], and will let you know the new due dates and exam dates when I have assessed the full impact of this emergency event on our course.

Please check the FAU Alert page to find out when campus re-opens. Keep in mind: the information contained on the Emergency Resources page may help you to locate community resources that can help you to recover from this emergency.

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