FAU Virtual Teaching and Learning Modules

What Are the Modules and how do I use them?

Be prepared to accommodate students who may be out for extended amounts of time due to illness. The FAU Virtual Teaching and Learning modules are the best way to get your course updated with information and content to manage your students in the case of extended or unexpected absences. Importing the modules into your course (instructions for the modules can be found here) takes 5 minutes and will save you time and headaches managing your course. 

What's in the modules?

The Virtual Teaching and Learning Modules contain pages for each of the different tools that you or your students may use to conduct and attend courses online. The pages are separated into two modules: (1) Teaching Virtually and (2) Learning Virtually. Only the 2nd module should be published, as it pertains directly to students. Below are descriptions the pages in these modules.

  • Communicate [teacher] / Canvas Notifications & Communication [student]
    This page mentions a couple of ways of efficiently communicating with students in your course. On the student-page, they are instructed on how to adjust notification preferences and to constantly check their FAU email addresses for messages from professors and Canvas.
  • Schedule Live Virtual Lectures [teacher] / Webex: How To Join and Participate [student]
    Here, we've included links and documents on Webex and how you and your students can hold online conferences and live lectures.
  • Pre-Record and Distribute Lectures [teacher] / Online Recording Info. (Mediasite) [student]
    For professors, this page includes steps to get started recording your lectures and other class materials from your home/office computer. System requirements and other helpful documents are included for both students and instructors to verify that their computers are ready for online video lectures. 
  • Facilitate Coursework in Canvas [teacher] / Canvas Help Docs [student]
    These pages contain a basic set of Canvas guides for both teachers and students. On the teacher side, you'll see documents that show you how to leverage Canvas to work for you if you find yourself having to teach remotely. On the student side, the guides get students prepared for completing and participating in online coursework.
  • FAU Alerts - should be published in both modules.
    The links included on this page direct you to information on how to correctly sign up for FAU Alerts, the Environmental Health & Safety Office, and a general FAU status page that displays any ongoing campus alerts.

Additional Resources

  1. Visit our Virtual Teaching and Learning Page to get resources and self-guided instructions on how to move your in-person class to online. 
  2. Join a Canvas, Mediasite, or Webex Workshop:  view available classes and open labs on our training calendar.
  3. Make an appointment with one of our Canvas experts. to get your specific questions answered.
  4. Have a question? Our team will be happy to assist. Submit your help request here.
  5. We also have other resources available to help with your day to day work life, including telecommuting and working remotely.
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