Do I get to keep my email account?


Do I get to keep my email account after I leave or graduate from the University?


How long you keep your email account depends on your affiliation. For example, alumni prior to 2023 retain access for life to their Owl Apps email. You must have graduated from FAU, not opted into Office 365 email, and log-in to your email at least every 6 months. 

If your email platform is Outlook 365, and you graduate after Summer 2023, then you will get to retain access to your Outlook email for 1 year post graduation. After 1 year, access to Office 365, including Outlook and OneDrive is removed. 

Retired faculty may get the option to retain their email during their exit interview with HR. They will fill out and submit a form to us and email access will remain active. 

Employees lose access to their Office 365 email immediately upon their last day of employment unless they are an active student. If the employee is an alumni, access to Owl Mail will remain, however, all Office 365 access is removed. 

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