How to migrate files from Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive with Mover Migrate Tool

This tool is only for current students and employees. Prior to migrating your files, you are encouraged to review your files to ensure they are still needed. This tool only migrates files from your Google Drive- which does NOT include Google photos, sites, forms, slides, etc. 

Please note that this tool only transfers files in your Google Drive located in the "My Drive" section. 

If you have files in the "Shared with Me" section that you would like to transfer, you will first need to save a copy in your own Google Drive before the migration below. Also note that any sharing permissions will not transfer and you will need to re-share files within OneDrive. Click here for instructions on how to share files in OneDrive.

1. Go to Mover Sign In page and sign in with your FAUNet ID and password.


If this is the first time you log in to Mover with your Microsoft account, you may be asked to give permission to access your files. Select Yes to continue. 


2. On the next page, select Authorize New Connector under Step 1: Select Source. Google Single User.


3. Then select Authorize next to Google Drive (Single User). This allows Mover to access your University files. 


4. Log in with your University Google account with your FAUNetID and password to authorize it as a source location. 

5. Select Allow, to give Mover access to your Google files.  


6. Review and select the files and folders that you want to move.  

7. To choose the location that your files will move to, click Authorize New Connector under Step 2: Select destination.  


8. On the next page, select Authorize next to the Microsoft account that you want to move your files to.


9. Enter the username and password for your University Microsoft account. Complete multi-factor authentication with Duo. 

10. Select Accept to give Mover access to your Microsoft OneDrive 


11. In Mover select the files you would like to transfer, in Step 1: Select Source 

12. Then select an existing folder where to transfer your files or select Create Folder if you want a new folder for your files, in Step 2: Select destination 

13. Under Step 3: Start transferring, select Start copy. Mover transfers a copy of your University files over to your Microsoft account OneDrive. 


14. Once transferred files are moved to the destination drive, you can review the information indicated in the column Files Successful. 


Depending on the amount of data being transferred and the speed of your internet connection the process can take some time. Once you start the trasfer you are not required to stay signed in. The file status can be checked by selecting Migration Manager if you close the window.

After the transfer is complete and you have confirmed its success in OneDrive, return to your google drive to remove and delete the files to ensure you are under the 5 GB quota.

If you have any questions or need further assistance please submit a ticket here.

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