Connecting to academic network computers

Make sure the computer is on the academic network, if not security will need (in a ticket) the location, port number, Mac address, OS, and a reserved IP


Instructions to connect: 

(Note you will have to change fau_netid and computer_username to match your accounts and you will have to change computer_ip to match the ip address of the computer)

MAC and Linux instructions:

1. Open terminal
2. ssh (Note the two factor authentication from DUO will need to be accepted)
3. Inside of bastion: ssh computer_username@computer_ip

Windows instructions:
1. Open Putty
2. Under hostname enter:
3. For the port enter: 22
4. Select the connection type to be SSH
5. Login with your fau credentials. Note the two factor authentication from DUO will need to be accepted.
6. Once logged in type: ssh computer_username@computer_ip

Another option is using RDP 
1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop
2. Click Show Options
3. Click Advanced
4. Click Settings
5. Click Use these RD Gateway server settings
6. Enter
7. Make sure Bypass RD Gateway server for local addresses is checked
8. Click Ok (If you will be using the same credentials to connect to computers click "Use my RD Gateway credentials for the remote computer")
9. Now Click General
10. Enter your PC's name (fully qualified name)
11. Enter your username (netid)
12. Click Connect
May be prompted to login to the RD Gateway server. If so enter fau\netid in the prompt.
Your mobile device will be pinged for a Duo prompt. 
13. Click Approve
You will be connected. 

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