Removing Devices from Owl Apps Account

If someone is attempting to remove their FAU email off of a device that they do not have available, proceed with the following steps to delete the account.


1. Have the user sign into Google Admin using their FAU Net ID and Password.

2. Once in the Admin Console, press the 9 boxes in the top right, and click on the 'Account' prompt.


3. Once under the Account page, press the option that says "Security issues found."


4. From there you will see an option called "Your devices," which will show all of the devices that your account is actively signed into. From there you can press the 3 dots on the right side of each device, and remove that said device.

Once you remove the account in Google Admin, it should remove it from the device, and prompt a new sign in, when attempting to access whatever the account was signed into. If you are concerned that your account may be compromised, it is a good idea to change your FAU and Owl Apps Passwords. 


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Tue 3/5/19 1:03 PM
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