Google Doc Sharing View-Only Permissions

If you want to share a Google doc with another person but only want to provide view-only permissions, please follow the instructions below.

Reminder: You can only change permissions of a doc that you are an owner of.

  1. Open Google doc and click  in top right-hand corner
  2. Select Advanced at the bottom right-hand corner of the box > Type in the email address of the person you are trying to share the doc with
  3. Click  and select 'Can View' from the drop-down menu. The icon should change to 
  4. Select the following options if you do not want users to edit, download, print, or copy the material: 
  5. Select Send
  6. If you would like to set an expiration on the doc hover your cursor to the left of the eye icon until the  icon appears > Select the preferred expiration then save changes.

The Google doc should now be shared with the specified person as view-only access. You can edit the permissions at any time by going back to the  option. You must select advanced to change the permissions.




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