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Uploading files to compute resources can be accomplished using command line tools such as SCP or Secure File Transfer tools such as FileZilla, Web Transfer tools such as Globus Online, Windows File Explorer, and OnDemand.
SBATCH Script is a way to submit jobs on Koko. These jobs can be done with SRUN and SBATCH scripts. Click here to read more.
As part of the strategy to make Florida Atlantic University a top-tier research university, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) strives to provide the experience and technology to support cutting-edge education and innovative scientific research. FAU plans to enhance and build the IT infrastructure across numerous campuses in support of these goals.
Fluent is a fluid simulation software. There are multiple methods of using Fluent interactively. Click here to read more.
Open OnDemand helps computational researchers and students efficiently utilize remote computing resources by making them easy to access from any device. It simplifies user interface and experience.
Acknowledging High Performance Computing