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As part of the strategy to make Florida Atlantic University a top-tier research university, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) strives to provide the experience and technology to support cutting-edge education and innovative scientific research. FAU plans to enhance and build the IT infrastructure across numerous campuses in support of these goals.
Uploading files to compute resources can be accomplished using command line tools such as SCP or Secure File Transfer tools such as FileZilla, Web Transfer tools such as Globus Online or Windows File Explorer
The Office of Information Technology Research Computing Team offers several Workstations as a Service Offerings.
All Florida Atlantic University faculty, researchers, employees, and students may request access to the research computing resources using the following complimentary and paid research computing resources.
A brief summary of using .gitlab-ci.yml to deploy and store containers in the gitlab system.
Multiple Methods of Using Fluent Interactively
Sample SBATCH script
Acknowledging High Performance Computing