Lost Instructional Time Assistance for Faculty

Due to the closure of the University, the following options are available to accommodate lost instructional time. Assistance is available from the Office of Information Technology and the Center for eLearning.

If you need assistance with any of the options below, please use the Submit a Ticket button and a member of the OIT team will contact you. 

Schedule Recording in a Classroom

This option allows you to record a replacement lecture using a Mediasite-equipped classroom. The recording will capture the computer desktop, personal laptop, and/or document camera along with audio and video from the classroom.

  • CLICK HERE to schedule a replacement recording of a lecture in a Mediasite-equipped classroom.

Record Video Lecture:

Use My Mediasite to create lecture recordings, such as a narrated PowerPoint, that capture your desktop and audio (and may include video). You can reserve the Video Self-Serve Studio if you require assistance and a space that is ready to record (includes lights, camera, microphones, and backgrounds).

  • Reserve the Video Self-Serve Studio:

Virtual Live Lecture

This option allows you to host a live lecture virtually with your students. It is run in real time. The students can join from any location with internet connectivity, including mobile devices. These sessions can be recorded and played back for those students who were unable to join live.

Canvas Activities:

Below are instructions on how to add assignments, discussion boards, quizzes/tests, and course materials (such as a lecture PowerPoint). This is a great option for classes that will require students to complete activities to make up lost instructional time.

Additional Assistance:

Assistance from Student Accessibility Services

FAU policy indicates that it is the faculty member’s responsibility to ensure that all audio and/or video presentations have closed captioning, alt-text, or are universally accessible. The SAS office has tools to assist faculty with making these accommodations. If you have a student who has identified a need for any of the above, please contact the SAS office at accommodations@fau.edu or call 561-297-3880.

Office of Information Technology:

  • Use the Submit a Ticket button to request help from Office of Information Technology
  • Sign up for a personalized appointment with OIT at techevents.fau.edu/appointments


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