Request a new Video Conference meeting

To schedule a new video conferencing meeting please click on the “Submit a Request” button to the right.

Please fill out the form with the required information.  Include any specific details in the description field. 

  • If you are requesting a connection that involves an outside (non-FAU campus) site you must provide contact information for the video conferencing technician at that site(s). 
  • If you would like recording please indicate that in the description field.  Include an email address where the recording will be delivered.
  • If your meeting includes reoccurring dates, please include that in the description field.
  • If you need additional equipment in the room you must submit a separate AV request ticket.
FAU now supports WebEx for remote software Video Conferencing.  For more information please contact the FAU Videobridge or include your request in your Video Conferencing ticket

Please refer to the VC Rooms list to see what Video Conferencing capable rooms are available at FAU.

If you require additional assistance, you may call 561-297-4002.

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