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The Office of Information Technology's (OIT) Value Management Office (VMO) supports all project management activities throughout the department. 

A technology project is defined as request submitted by one of our stakeholders, that asks for a series of tasks that must be completed to attain a certain outcome, wherein the goals are measurable and align with business objectives (relevant), of which may add value to the organization by enhancing student/faculty/employee experiences, increasing efficiency in current products or services, meeting compliance standards, reducing overhead costs, and/or increase revenue for the University over any given period of time. In addition, all effort that will require more than 40 hours of work, will be evaluated as a project.

The following methods and tools will be used to keep stakeholders and outside parties informed about the project. 

  • All project phases and project communication (weekly status, etc) will be managed through Meisterplan’s portfolio management tool.
  • Project team and stakeholders will be identified and have access to view the project details and receive transaction generated emails with reports and status updates.
  • Meeting frequency to be determined based on project needs. 
  • Review of the Software Development Life Cycle plan


Steps Tasks
Project Submission review by Project Manager (2 weeks). Tasked to determine if it is a project or service request.
Project review by the OIT Project Review Board (PRB) (Meets once a month). Tasked to determine feasibility, duplication of efforts and validation of architectural requirements.
Project prioritization by the OIT Project Governance Committee (PGC) (Meets once a month). Tasked with the prioritization of projects based on estimated resource capacity.

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