Property Management Requests

Surplus Property

*Please Note* When submitting a surplus request, items over $5,000 need to be placed on a separate ticket.

All tickets need to include an attachment of the corresponding form. If the request is for the removal of items greater than $5,000, the request needs to be submitted by either the Cost Center Manager or include an attachment with an approval letter to surplus the items.

Surplus requests can take up to two weeks. Please allow for enough time when placing the request.

*Computer surplus requests need to include a Computer Deactivation Form*

*A request form filled out due to theft requires a police report to be attached to ticket*

Equipment/Furniture Request

When a Department is looking for equipment or furniture, an email request can be submitted stating what items are needed to the Surplus manager, Tavares Hill at or at If the items are available, a member of the Property Management Office will arrange for the delivery of the item(s).

Accountable Officer Change Form

The Accountable Officer's Change Form should be filed when there is a change in department head, principle investigator, or a Department's assignment of accountability. When there is a large physical location move involving a change in Accountable Officer, notify the Property Management Department to perform a physical inventory to assist in relieving the outgoing officer and in making the transition of accountability to the new accountable officer.

Property Transfer Form

Transfer Form needs to be filed when the Department of Accountability and/or Accountable Officer is/are being changed. This form will not be processed unless the item has a current inventory date. If an item is simply being moved from one location to another, a transfer can be completed by submitting the form or by a verbal request to the Property Department to change the property record. If a whole department, office or unit is moving, the Property Department will be glad to perform a physical inventory at the new location.

Computer Deactivation Form

This form needs to be filled out and accompany the surplus form when a computer or any electronic with internal memory is surplused.


Off Campus Request

When a Department is looking to take equipment off campus for any amount of time, a ticket needs to be submitted along with the accompanying form. A member of the Property Management Office will scan the items upon their return to campus. Should equipment be off campus for longer than one physical inventory cycle, the ticket will remain open and be updated every year to certify the items are still in use.

*Please note* This form needs to be signed by the Accountable Officer and Dean of the College. The form must scanned and submitted as an attachment to the ticket.

Property Removal Form needs to be completed by the requester when equipment is being removed from campus for the purposes of performing University business off site. The form acknowledges that the specific equipment is not available for the State mandated annual inventory and also provides the approval for authorizing the requester to be removing and to be in possession of University property off campus. The Form has to be either renewed or re-certified periodically. When an equipment item is returned, the Property Department must be notified so the item can be inventoried and the form can be deactivated. It is recommended filling out the form with an "indefinite" ending date. If the indefinite time frame is requested, a new "E-Mail" process will automatically request your annual certification; otherwise a new form will need to be filled out on or before the expiration date of the original form.

Issue Property to a Worker

When new or existing property, regardless of dollar value, needs to be issued to a worker, a ticket should be submitted. In the ticket, please include a property description, serial number, and barcode (if applicable).

*Please note: Should the department want a barcode affixed to the property for more accurate accountability, please put in ticket and a member of Property Management will provide a barcode* 


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