Issues with embedded content requiring a log in

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Content embedded into Canvas requests re-authentication that may fail


Students may have trouble viewing presentations embedded improperly into Canvas.  Make certain you are using the built in LTI tool to embed your presentations and are not copying the embed code or links from Mediasite.

A proper link will include reference to the Canvas external tool, while a problematic link would only include the Mediasite URL.  The reference to the tool is required to authenticate successfully.

no Bad:

yes Good:  <iframe style="width: 1024px; height: 512px;" src=";url=;borderless=1"></iframe>


To fix the issue at the source, instructors should re-embed the content using the Mediasite/Canvas integration in the text editor

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Fri 6/19/20 11:30 AM
Mon 1/8/24 8:31 AM

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Linked and Embedded videos must use the "Add Medisite Video" tool in the Canvas Rich Editor.