Using Zoom to record to Mediasite

Mediasite provides an integration with Zoom that will automatically import selected Zoom recordings to your My Mediasite account. These recordings will count against your storage quota, but do offer some advantages:

  • Mediasite management and editing tools
  • No expiration date on the recording
  • No cost captioning of recordings using Zoom Captions


FAU Zoom account - if you do not have an account but have an FAUNETID you can provision your account at:

FAU MyMediasite account - Instructors can provision your Mediasite account via Canvas 


  1. If you have not already done so, install the Zoom desktop client available at: Download Center - Zoom
  2. Open the Zoom Client and login using SSO - FAU's SSO address is ""
  3. Click "Schedule" to begin setting up your meeting
    1. Title the meeting the desired name for your presentation 
    2. Enable waiting room so you are not interrupted
    3. Turn Host Video On
    4. Do not use End-to-end Encryption
    5. Use Computer Audio
  4. Scroll to the bottom and expand Advanced options
    1. Check Automatically recording meeting
    2. Choose cloud recording
    3. Under the drop down for "Import to Mediasite" select "Yes"
    4. (Optional) If you are using a module ID in your course include it here, otherwise leave blank (Example: 202101_1_12345)
  5. Click Save
  6. You will return to the Zoom main menu and should see your scheduled session under the clock at the right side.  
  7. Click start, recording will begin automatically
  8. Once done, click end meeting.

Recordings are imported regularly throughout the day.  It may take several hours before the presentation and its transcript are available (although it averages under an hour for short recordings).  The process will not begin until the scheduled (not actual) end time of the meeting.



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