Request Authorization to Conduct Survey Research

FAU now maintains a license for Qualtrics to conduct online surveys. All administrators, faculty, staff, and students have access to use the software using their FAU Net ID and password. All surveys conducted at FAU should now be conducted using Qualtrics at the site below.

Surveys conducted at FAU require the approval of a dean or vice president, with certain limited exceptions. In addition, the survey will also need approval of the university’s survey research committee, led by the Assistant Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness & Analysis. Requests for such approval can be submitted to the committee by submitting a ticket using the Submit a Request button.

Surveys must also comply with the university policy on the administration of surveys and questionnaires.

The researcher is also responsible for obtaining proper approval from the FAU Institutional Review Board (IRB).

You may create your Qualtrics account here.

If you have any questions related to creating a Qualtrics account and using this site please contact John Cahill at or by phone at 561-297-0244.

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