TouchNet Marketplace Access Requests

How to request a new TouchNet Marketplace uStore or uPay site:

The creation of a new uStore or uPay site is facilitated by Financial Information Systems. It is up to the discretion of FIS to require additional approval beyond the Departmental approval (e.g. Provost Office or Budget Office) before the new store or site can be created.

FIS will provide technical assistance to the Department as needed with use of the TouchNet application and will facilitate communication with TouchNet Customer Care Representatives if required. FIS will not provide customer support directly to the customers of your site/store.

Once FIS has completed the creation of the store/site, your Department assumes the responsibility for the following:

  • maintaining the product offerings (adding/updating content)
  • supporting your customers including credits/refunds, payment assistance, questions about site content
  • ensuring compliance with the original approved purpose of the new store/site

Please print and fill out one the necessary forms for your request for a new TouchNet Marketplace uStore or uPay site. The form must be submitted when submitting the request. 


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