Workstations as a Service

The Office of Information Technology Research Computing Team offers several Workstations as a Service Offerings. 

- Windows Workstations - Ubuntu Workstations - Centos / Rocky Linux - 

  • Long Life Release(s) of the Operating Systems
  • 4 - 64 core workstations with 16 - 512 GB of ram
  • 256 GB of storage
  • Mounts to HPC Cluster Home Directory, Scratch, and NVME disk arrays
  • Workstations are provided in the form of Virtual Machines hosted on our KVM and VMware ESXi Hosting environments. 

Workstations are typically shared among a group of researchers and cost between $56 and $900 per month based on the Research Computing Costing chart. Teams of researchers who purchase server/workstation hardware for this purpose and do not share that service with other Colleges will be required to pay for hosting the equipment at the cost of $16 per U per Month of data center space. (Research Computing Services VPC and Data Center Hosting)

These charges include:

  • Windows and Linux Updates
  • Identity Management
  • Access via SSH and/or Microsoft Remote Desktop through the Academic Networks
  • Access to Research Computing Drives shares (Home, Scratch)

These charges do not include:

  • Custom Software Support
  • Backups
  • End User technical support should be provided by the researcher's College Information Technology Team. OIT must charge our service rate for Technical Support above and beyond the included services list.


Workstations as a Service


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