Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting container or vm server hosting replaces the need for a physical server while enabling the flexibility of private cloud computing. OIT Research Computing sets up a virtual machine with the memory, CPUs and disk space configuration requested, then installs the base operating system, configures the network, and provides basic user access to the system. Included with the service is virtual machine hypervisor configuration, OS management/patching, and data protection and recovery. This reduces the time needed for systems administration and the cost associated with server hosting. You are responsible for the installation, security and management of your applications running on the server.

  • Hypervisors | clustered enterprise class servers running SUSE Harvester HCL  and Rancher RKE2 Kubernetes
  • Host systems | supports Microsoft Windows or Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems 
  • Data backup | nightly backups of file systems are stored locally for 30 days 
  • Monthly patches | monthly Microsoft and Rocky Linux and Ubuntu patches 
  • Flexibility | Computing resources such as memory, vCPU, and storage can be added as needed to meet growth and performance needs

This service is also provided to select academic programs as part of several grants.

The Owl Cloud environment is currently made up of 20 128 Core, 1TB machines with 19 TB (each) of NVME storage. Totallying 380TB of NVME storage, 2,560 cores, and 20 TB of memory.

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