Report Writers ONLY - Request report review by reporting admin

Requests to Remove Temporary Status from a Report: Departmental Report Writers only have access to create Temporary Reports. In the event Temporary Status needs to be removed, please submit a request using this ticket and a Report Admin will review the request. Once Temporary Status is removed from a report, the report becomes available for sharing, if requested.

Requests to Share or Update Sharing on a Report, or Modify (add new rows / columns, etc.) a Shared Report:

When requesting to share  / update sharing on a report OR when requesting to make report modifications (i.e., adding columns / changing filters, etc.), additional approvals by the Data Owners within the University may be required. Example:  if the Business Object is related to HR Data, then HR may need to approve the report being shared. The same applies to Finance (Journal Lines), Payroll, Timekeeping, and Budget related Business Objects . Once the sharing request is approved, Report Owners can proceed with sharing the report in Workday.

NOTE: If the Report Owner is a Departmental Report Writer, then a Report Admin will assist with sharing the report to the requested user(s) or group(s).

Troubleshooting Sharing Issues: If the requested user(s) does not have the proper security to run the report or view all contents of the report, then the report cannot be shared until the user(s) obtain the needed security in Workday. Alternatively, the Report Owner can schedule the report to deliver to the users within Workday. The file will then be delivered to the designated user(s) within Workday via “My Reports”.

To Request Security Access / Roles, submit a Ticket Here: (

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