Request and support with Workday reports

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Report Writers ONLY - Request report review by reporting admin

This request is meant for users with the role of Report Writer or Departmental Report Writer. This ticket is for requests to remove temporary status from temp reports, requests to share a report with specific users or groups (may require additional approvals), and/or requests to modify an existing report.

Request a New Report

This ticket is to request the creation of a new Workday Report. Prior to submitting this ticket, please run the FAU RPT All FAU Custom Reports I Can Run by Category Report within Workday. This will breakdown all existing FAU reports you can run within Workday. If you still cannot find a report that meets your needs, please proceed with submitting a ticket.

Request for Report Changes OR Report Issues with an Existing Workday Report

This request is meant for regular users (non-report writers) to: request changes to an existing report they run, to report/log issues with an existing report, and/or to request modifications to an alert.

Request Workday Prism Analytics Data Source

Within Workday, we have the option to create Datasets using data from external systems as well as from data within Workday. Once a Data Source is created and published, it becomes available for Report Writer to build / create reports from. Note: There are limitations to amount of data that can be published. Requests for new Data Sources will be carefully reviewed by the Data Warehouse and Reporting Services Team.