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Request assistance with a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone

Submit a Property Management Ticket

Access Issues/Role Assignment Requests

FAU Student Onboarding Portal

Request support or report issues with CMS pages.

Learn how to reach Canvas support or request additional help from Instructional Technologies staff.

Request a new (or used) computer to be setup or reconfigured for another employee or user.

To request access to Banner Student and/or Banner E-Print submit a request

Use this service if you are having issues with your phone, phonemail, or analog/fax line such as no dial tone or similar out of service issue.
Please do not use this for phonemail Xpressions password reset or name change requests.

Request a report, survey, or data file.

Request VPN Access for Remote Desktop

Request for audio visual equipment for an event

Request help with a printer or scanner

Request a new video conference or WebEx session for your meeting or class.

Starfish Support

Order and/or Change Office Phone/Analog Line

Request support with transcripts ordered from a different institution or agency.

Public Affairs photography requests

Request access to edit CMS pages.

Use this request if you have changed your legal name or your name was misspelled and you would like your FAUNet ID to be changed.

Name change on a phone/IntelliSPEECH

My course is being taught in Canvas and I need help!
Use this request for all issues relating to your Canvas course

Order or Change Smartphones, iPads & Tablets with Data

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