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Additional Services

Cloud Computing, Systems & Database Support, Web Services, File Sharing & Collaboration, TouchNet Marketplace, Research Computing, Security, Print Requests, Video Production Support

Categories (10)

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services request

Systems & Database Support

ANDI/ANDISEC drives, VIP Access, Virtual Hosting, EMS, DPM, DNS, Talisma

Web Services & Application Development

Web editing (CMS) support, Application development and support

Video Production Support

Studio Production, University Event Broadcast, Graduation Broadcast, BOT Meeting, Field Production, Motion Graphics & Post production

Collaboration & File Sharing

SharePoint, FileLocker, OwlApps

Print Requests

Request print jobs


VPN Access, Disk Encryption, Firewall rules, and HIPAA training

Research Computing/HPC

Request access, installation of hardware and software and report issues related HPC. For more information please visit

TouchNet Marketplace

TouchNet Support and Access requests