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Register a device on the open FAU wireless network

"OARS Feature Requests and Reporting Issues with the System

Can't connect? Request live help configuring your device to the FAU wireless network.

I tried to submit my paper and it wouldn’t go through or I got an error.

I’m having trouble setting up Turnitin in my course or my students have reported issues.

Request a report, survey, or data file.

My course is being taught in Canvas and I need help!
Use this request for all issues relating to your Canvas course

Request or renew access to research computing

Request assistance with a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone

Creative Services Work Order Requests

Requests audio visual equipment for a classroom

Need to login to a computer and do not have access?

Request financial hierarchy changes - only to be used by Controller's office staff members.

Public Affairs photography requests

Supervisory Organization Issues and Questions

Request assistance to install software on your FAU computer

Purchase software for FAU owned computer, personal computer.

JAMF Subscription requests