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Questions or issues regarding set up, removal, or use of delegations in Workday

TouchNet Marketplace Access Requests

Disconnect of Cellular, Smartphones, iPads, & Tablets

Having trouble with the video conference meeting or equipment?

Sympa Mailing List Quick Start Guide

Order or Change Smartphones, iPads & Tablets with Data

Use this service to request assistance with Office 365 installation and activation problems.

Request WebFOCUS/LeapAhead Support

Use this service to request a new SmartTag or report any issues.

I’m having trouble setting up Turnitin in my course or my students have reported issues.

Request activation on disabled/turned off ports on an existing jack plate

New Construction Project Request

This service is only for HR-Provost use.

This is used to create alumni accounts for former FAU students.

I need help and canvas support directed me to FAU canvas administrators.

Submit a Property Management Ticket

Request assistance with providing lost instructional time activities, including assignments, discussions, quizzes, live conferences, and recorded lectures.

Use this service for assistance with technical assistance with the Canvas Title IX Course. For questions regarding the content please contact: Len Baker at

Register a device on the open FAU wireless network