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Request assistance with a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone

My course is being taught in Canvas and I need help!
Use this request for all issues relating to your Canvas course

Submit a Property Management Ticket

Request VM resources

This is used to provide all FAU users information about OwlApps

OIT or your College/Department IT staff has determined your printer needs to be repaired.

Request support with transcripts ordered from a different institution or agency.

I tried starting Webex and it won’t start and/or I’m getting an error.

Your network drive disappear? Network drive ass access appear to be denied?

Request assistance to install software on your FAU computer

Request a new CMS template for your college/department website

Need a refund for a failed print job?

Report a problem with a Banner Student, Self Service Banner & Appworx

This is used by Staff to request a password reset for system or database access.

Request WebFOCUS/LeapAhead Support

Request assistance to install Oracle client on your FAU computer

Intended for users who require temporary access to the FAU wireless network

Request and/or change firewall rules.