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To request access to Banner Student and/or Banner E-Print submit a request

Learn how to reach Canvas support or request additional help from Instructional Technologies staff.

Access Issues/Role Assignment Requests

Request a report, survey, or data file.

This is used to request updates to departmental accounts for FAU departments.

Submit a Property Management Ticket

Request assistance with EMS (Event Management System).

Cancel or request a change to an existing Video Conference meeting

Request a new video conference or WebEx session for your meeting or class.

Use this form if you are having problems with your Office 365 email.

Submit a request for assistance with Multi-factor authentication, or to request a Key Fob.

Report a problem with a Banner Student, Self Service Banner & Appworx

Request website editing training for your college/department website

Can't connect? Request live help configuring your device to the FAU wireless network.

Report problems/issues with equipment or instructor workstation

MyFAU and Mobile Support

Request help with a printer or scanner

Request assistance with a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone

Use this request if you have changed your legal name or your name was misspelled and you would like your FAUNet ID to be changed.

Assistance with password resets & unlocking disabled or suspended accounts